Vikings Laser Cutting Machine has arrived

There has been a bit of excitement around the factory and office over the past few days as the arrival of our long-awaited Laser Cutting machine came down the drive way on the back of a couple of large trucks.

The system is now being assembled in a stand alone building on the Viking site. Once the machine has been completed, programmed and tested, we will begin training some of our trades people, and the design engineers from our in-house design office.

To begin with, the machine will be operated by existing staff to ensure an in depth understanding of its operation and capabilities.

This investment replaces our CNC plasma cutter which has been a valuable contributor to Vikings fabrication shop for the past 20 years. The Laser Cutter will improve productivity, quality, and provide further options for our design team in the manufacturing and assembly processes.

The addition of this machine will also increase Vikings services to industry- especially in the field of contract Laser Cutting around west Auckland where these types of machines are few and far between and well booked up with workloads.

Laser Cutter


Machine specifications

  • High precision rate (±03mm).
  • Cutting sheets up to 3050 x 1530mm
  • Suitable for a range of steel types including Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminum and Brass.
  • Cutting complex shapes.
  • Etching and marking detail.


We will update progress of the machines installation once it is on line and operating over the next few weeks.