Why Viking?

With so many options now-days… why choose us?

Our difference is that while we do sell standard products, each project we undertake is tailored to that specific customer. We visit your site, find out exactly what you’re after, then 3D model the entire thing in Solidworks so we can manufacture on-spec, every time.

We also innovate on our parts continuously. Take this baghouse door handle as an example:

This is a part we use in our systems all the time. The first iteration was made up of several pieces, including some flat-bar which needed cutting to size, some welds to join everything together, and hot-dip galvanising to complete.

The iteration we use today is made entirely from sheetmetal, needing only a small amount of laser-cutting, and a few bends on the press before final assembly. This means we do everything in one room, instead of using precious time and money on additional processes.

Baghouse Handles Version 1 to 3 (left to right)

What this means is you’re getting a product that is customised for you. Our consistent innovation reduces cost while also improving the look and feel of our systems, benefits we pass on to you.

If you’re after an extraction system that we guarantee will suit your needs, get in touch with us today at 0508 XTRACT

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