It start’s with an idea..

At Viking, we’re “idea’s guys” first.

Whilst a lot of our products are standardised, every project is different. This means that layouts change, combinations of parts are never the same, but every idea our customers have must be made reality.

This is an image of a large heat-treatment oven we made recently. Designed from scratch by us, manufactured in-house, and installed by one of our incredible site teams.

We’ve been offering bespoke dust extraction systems, heat treatment solutions, spray booths and much more for over 40 years, and we’re good at it.

Here’s a few exciting features of our new range of heat-treatment ovens, all designed and built to IPSM15 specifications

Holds 1000 P10 Timber Pallets achieving bake cycle times as low as 4 hours

Now includes Smart-Cycling with increased airflows in both forward and reverse to achieve more uniform heat transfer

Once the timber has reached 57°C, a 30-min bake cycle is held. Temperature probes take a min x min recording, and print this on a batch docket upon completion.

We have a huge range of options available. From 40-foot containers, through to the mighty VHTO1200. If you’re after heat-treatment options, we can help

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