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Our Process

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Here at Viking we’re manufacturing specialists.

Our process for producing anything looks like this:

  1. Get in touch with one of our experts with your request
    No problem is too big or small. We’ll assess the project at hand and where required, we’ll happily visit your site to get a feel for the solution face-to-face
  2. Take it back to the drawing board
    Our capable and experienced team of engineers will design a solution (including CAD drawing) and price it up for you, free of charge
  3. We’ll present our solution to you
    We’ll chat through the solution with your team and make sure it meets your expectations and requirements in the most cost effective way
  4. Build, manufacture, install
    Our team will take care of the end-to-end process form conception to installation, in-house. Our reputation is built on delivering NZ made quality solutions to meet your expectations, on time and ahead of the competition

For an example lets take this Rotary valve we made recently, a small part of a much larger project.

One major benefit of this process is that we’ve built up a large library of parts over the years which we can pull into new projects, incorporating bespoke requirements and continuously improving upon them to keep ourselves ahead of the curve.

We’ve been around for over 40 years now, and are confident we can do almost anything. If we can’t, we’ve got a huge network across NZ and will point you in the right direction.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next Sheetmetal or Engineering project.

Season’s Greetings!

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From all the team here at Viking, thanks for another incredible year.

We’ll be shutting down from the 21st December, through to the 8th of January. So if you have any last-minute work you need done, get in touch with us ASAP.

Here’s a couple of pictures from some recent fishing trips. Side-note, we made the boat ourselves! Check out this link: VK Marine

The Biggest Fans…

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Are the ones we make at Viking.

We Design and Manufacture Fans anywhere from 1000 m3/hr to 100,000 m3/hr, and they get pretty massive!

 Handling something like this in a workshop is always a challenge, but we’ve been doing it for over 40 Years with no plans to stop.

Sticking to our philosophy of NZ-Made, everything is Designed by us, Cut on our Laser, Folded / Rolled in-house, Welded and Painted by our team of expert Fabricators.



This particular fan comes in at 90,000 m3/hr, close to the largest we do. It has a 75kW motor, powering the fan via belt-drive. This is just a small part of another large project we’re currently working on for a customer down in Ohinewai.

If you’re after a replacement to existing fans, a completely new extraction system, or even if you’re just curious.. then give us a call. Get a Fan, and become one too.

Talk to a Viking

Viking | Sheetmetal Division

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With our new Laser-Cutter now fully setup and dialed in, Viking has opened the doors for Contract Sheetmetal Services across Auckland and the greater North Island. We can laser-cut, press and fabricate a wide range of materials & thicknesses.

Aluminium Laser Cutting

We’ve spent a lot of time getting our cut quality perfect. Combining the technology of our 3kW Han’s Laser with Metalix’s AutoNest Software, getting parts from design through to production is almost entirely automated. Check out our products page for Laser Specifications: Laser Specifications

We also have MBend from Metalix, allowing us to program our press-brakes direct from a 3D Model (preferred) or 2D Flat Pattern, meaning operators can focus on the quality of the finished part.

If you have an idea for something you’d like made but don’t have experience or access to CAD, we can help. With the latest in SOLIDWORKS CAD Software we can turn your idea into a finished part using specialist knowledge of our capabilities.

Mild Steel Laser Cutting

What does this mean for you? 

  • Quote’s are fast, and accurate.
  • As soon as you’re ready to order, your parts can be put into production.
  • No more waiting weeks for small orders, expect them at your door or ready to pickup within days.

If you’ve never used Sheetmetal services before, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. If you have, then you’ll be impressed by our lightning-fast lead times.

Get in touch today and talk to a Viking about your next Sheetmetal project.

Vikings Laser Cutting Machine has arrived

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There has been a bit of excitement around the factory and office over the past few days as the arrival of our long-awaited Laser Cutting machine came down the drive way on the back of a couple of large trucks.

The system is now being assembled in a stand alone building on the Viking site. Once the machine has been completed, programmed and tested, we will begin training some of our trades people, and the design engineers from our in-house design office.

To begin with, the machine will be operated by existing staff to ensure an in depth understanding of its operation and capabilities.

This investment replaces our CNC plasma cutter which has been a valuable contributor to Vikings fabrication shop for the past 20 years. The Laser Cutter will improve productivity, quality, and provide further options for our design team in the manufacturing and assembly processes.

The addition of this machine will also increase Vikings services to industry- especially in the field of contract Laser Cutting around west Auckland where these types of machines are few and far between and well booked up with workloads.

Laser Cutter


Machine specifications

  • High precision rate (±03mm).
  • Cutting sheets up to 3050 x 1530mm
  • Suitable for a range of steel types including Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminum and Brass.
  • Cutting complex shapes.
  • Etching and marking detail.


We will update progress of the machines installation once it is on line and operating over the next few weeks.


West Auckland cabinetry factory all set to go!

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Viking designed, manufactured, supplied and installed this Reverse Flow Dust Extraction Filter Unit for a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer making custom cabinetry in West Auckland.

Industrial Dust Extraction unit

Arno received a call in March, the client was building a new cabinetry factory and needed a custom filtration system. Arno’s design not only meets today’s needs but also allows for future expansion. The plant extracts 36,800 m3/Hr of air, running on a 132kW Fan Motor combination. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Some of the key features of this system include

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System
  • Very Reliable with Minimal Maintenance required
  • Meets local environmental laws

At Viking we take care of the full scope of the project including Lifting and access equipment, roof and wall penetrations and flashings, Electrical Controllers and Starters.

Call Us Now 0508 XTRACT to see how we can help you.

Industrial Internal Ducting

Viking makes it happen

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By the time this issue comes out it will have been some five months since contract spray painters Adams Painting Ltd moved into their brand new premises in Zelanian Drive in Auckland’s East Tamaki. The configuration of the operation on the 6000 square foot site is the key: it has the best possible layout for the smooth running of a contract spray painting business, in one end and out the other. Read more

Centralised fume extraction system makes Prattley’s new factory cleaner and safer

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Welders at Prattley Industries are breathing, moving and working easier, following the company’s September 2013 move into a 4,000 square metre factory in Temuka, South Canterbury. The new workshop brings together the 20 employees and their activities, previously distributed over five facilities, under one roof. Read more

Do you need to clear the air?

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During the years, we as individuals become (hopefully) wiser with age, the same can be said of a business and after 35 years in the manufacturing game, Viking Ironcraft is coming of age at just the right time.

Initially founded by Gavin and Molly Smith, the business has remained a family affair with son Lester Smith taking over in 1990. After completing his design and engineering internship in the European air pollution concept industry, Lester returned to take the helm of Viking and even deployed a marine branch called VK Marine. Read more